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Let’s See if This Works This Time…

Okay, this is one of those half-assed announcements… and this time I won’t promise anything, but I think I’m going to turn this into a caption blog for good.

First of all, my drive for writing these dark TG stories have seem to have cooled very quickly. Thus, this site is pretty much dead ever since. My art is going well(though not right now, I’m a bit stumped here during vacation period), but deviantART covers that pretty well. So, captions.

As much as my activity in Rachel’s Haven have dropped, I found myself with a huge folder full of images to be captioned. These can’t be just thrown away like that. So, I’m gonna start making captions. Not for anyone in particular, just captions. Some of them will be on series(I have one already in the works, “The Doll Syndrome”) but most will be just stand-alone TG misadventures.

I wish I could promise one cap a day starting some of these days… but I can’t. So, for now, just… captions will come. I hope. I really do.

Please don’t leave forever! XO