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Doll Caps

…is there anyone still there? Hello?

Oh, well, I hope so. I did some captions. I just… didn’t like them very much. 😐

The initial idea came to me when, in a moment of incredible silliness, I was applying silly make-up to other pictures.

Like this, basically...

And then this crazy idea came up. The premise is that there’s this weird disease around that turns men into women, and for some reason make them controllable through keywords, like as if their brains were rewritten to a post-hypnosis state. It was called “The Doll Syndrome” because of the silly permanent make-up that was one of the symptoms(I think at one point I decided to not make it natural, instead a mark that was done on the infected to differentiate them from people). Then some sort of timeline was forming.

…Then I just realized I had no idea where this was going, and my pacing was horrible. I think I try to flesh it so much in every cap that it loses appeal. But, anyway, I did 4 of them and, if you wish, you can read them and tell me what you think.

More captions might come up soon. I really want to do them, it’s just that I never seem to get started on them… sigh…