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Wonderful Blogs: Making Maidens

Well, okay, I know I’ve been absent for… like forever! But here I am, right? As I said, I’m making this blog into more of a caption blog. I still have this little productivity problem… namely I just never get to do anything, but when I do I start doing stuff like crazy until I get bored/tired/blocked again. Not a very good production model, I know…

Anyway, let’s talk blogs! I have a lot of TG caption blogs in my Google Reader, but only a few really capture my attention. No idea why, really… but I know those I love I really love, and Making Maidens is one I really do love!

“Macho Men forcibly transformed into Mincing Maidens” This line greets us against a suave pink background… and that’s where things stop being subtle and turn cruel, manipulating, evil and, of course, awesome! It’s a world where incautious males receive retribution for their errors in the most completely exaggerated and uncalled for manner… but that’s just expected, and that’s what’s better in Alyssa’s captions: the incredible humiliation that the subjects go through.

I mean, what’s not to love? Every caption describes the torment their prettified males go through in such minutia and detail that it leaves you wanting more. So you have the story of this stupid lad who decided to spend holidays abroad and ended up being drugged and emasculated into a Spanish mistress… but this is still not enough! Then what? Gimme more, Alyssa! Gimme more! And even when you are given more, like in the story of Charles, the rich boy turned into trash tranny, you still want more. The story is so well described and so much is given your imagination can’t stop going on. What happens next to “Chardonnay”? I don’t know, but the possibilities are infinite!

Again, the general style of the stories are like that thing some call a “humiliation conga”: the embarrassments come one after the other, no stop, and when you think the poor sod will have a breather… no, sorry! It just gets worse! After running a whole marathon in bridal gown and high heels, Martin trips on the last second he had to save his manhood. “Maria Rodriguez” tries to infiltrate Latino culture as a woman, becomes a lover to a burly man against his will and then is left beyond the frontier by his own wife. Climax upon climax upon climax… gotta love it!

So, Making Maidens: I absolutely love it and I think you guys who love my work will love it too. And, to finish this little recommendation, here’s a cap of my own that I think captures a bit of the spirit of Making Maidens itself:

Toodles! 😉