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Wonderful Blogs – Being Andrissa

I wouldn’t say this is the best TG captions blog, oh no. Nor it was the first captioneer I came to appreciate great chunks of their work either. Not the first to produce marvelous crossdressing caps instead of just pure TG ones, too…

Why do I dedicate today’s Wonderful Blogs to Being Andrissa?

…Eh, beats me. But… maybe, maybe it’s because Being Andrissa reminds me of my first attempts at captioning. It reminds me of a time when I was less open to the marvels of full-fledged TG-ation.

And, since it started, all of a sudden, to update like crazy practically every day, I guess this is a good time to tell you guys: start following Andrissa, and you’ll have caps galore featuring boys becoming cute girls with touches of acceptance, humor and overall sissiness! 😀

Aaaaaand here’s my little tribute cap. Because this is how things will go in Wonderful Blogs: I present the blog and make a cap in tribute! 😀


Why Did I even do this?

You see what I did there? No? Eh, probably not…

Long long time ago… okay, not so long, I’m not THAT old! X( Well, I sometimes would add some extra make-up on captioned pictures. Why? Well, mostly for the same reason I love PINK, it adds that funny “I’m so obviously a boy” pointer in the pic. Sometimes, even, for extra sluttiness… but mostly for the “overly made up boy” effect.

I stopped doing that… mostly. But the doll caps don’t count! Yea, I stopped that. And I wonder why did I even did that…

Guess I was a silly girl. Teehee! 😛


You Gotta Have Pink Hair

I think I might be trying to postpone the making of new captions by just posting everything I have in my hard drive, hehehehe… 😛

Anyway! Pink is, like, the color of everything girly! And there’s no better way of making it clear who is the sissy in the pic by making him PINK. In all caps. Because, like, that’s a lot of pink!

And there’s something about pink hair that makes it all more delicious. Pink is an obviously unnatural color for hair, so it just stands up! Sissy bois are commonly given wigs or an extensively laborious hairdo! So, the pink-haired pretty in the pic? She’s a boi, darling. At least for this funny little cap! ;D

Well, hope you liked these old-old caps on the color pink. Of course my caps will still feature lots of “teh PINKness”. So consider this just a quick sample! 😉


The Bridal Revenge

One of these days I’ll have to reorganize the categories in this blog. Thinking of keeping everything to do with the Cube in a place, and the rest all thematically sorted.

Also, one of these days I’ll have to start making new caps instead of just reposting some old ones I had lying around. 😀

And since we’re talking of old, this is one of my very first captions. The picture is lifted from the rather old Verena’s TG Club, under the authroship of “Celine Pettijean”. Everything there was German, so I had a HARD time reading them caps. 😛

All in all, I’m a tad sad that Verena’s never got translated and stopped updating altogether. Also, never ever fond anything by “Celine Pettijean” anywhere else. Weird. 😐


Beauty School

Sissy captions! Can we possibly not love them? I don’t think so! ^^ So take this cap and be happy!

And I’m not feeling so fresh, so I think I’ll rest now… XP


The Rise Of Tutti Frutti

I LOVE Asian themed captions. Asian girls are usually so petite and cute and adorable, be they Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malaysian… and there are so many uber-cute themes that can be explored. Like Decora, for example.

So enjoy this cap made for the adorable Terri at the Haven! ^.^


Let’s get this starte-ed, yea!

Well, every time I try to get this infused with some attitude, it fails. I think I plan too much.

Let’s get things done. Captions will be uploaded as they’re done. Maybe older captions will come in bundles. And please, please leave your comments, it helps so much! ^.^

Toodles, hope you enjoyed! ;D