An Exemplary Community Leader (+Apology)

Urp… here I am all nervous about this cap. This is something I’m meaning to start in this blog, and I am hoping you will not mind much. It’s just… I… well, let’s get to the cap, will we?

So, yes. I think my main turn-on in art, captions and stories of forced feminization and general TG themes is the humiliation aspect(though not only; but that’s a very important part of it). And, let’s put it this way, humiliation is not something reserved for men, is it?

Well, yes. “Women debased” captions will pop up now and then, usually dealing with the theme of women being demoted from positions of power, stripped from their dignity and overall being put in positions they’d rather not be in, whether they get to enjoy it or not.

And I hope you will not look down on me for yet another kinky quirk… ^^;

1 Response to “An Exemplary Community Leader (+Apology)”

  1. 1 Auntie Gwen
    February 9, 2012 at 18:53

    I have often read that the “dominator” and the “dominated” share a very close bond. I took it as something of a “Janus” aspect to each personality. Personally, I think that any honest human should be beyond judging…we all have feet of clay and hypocrisy is the true demon of our so called human spirit. I keep trying to move beyond but my hypocrisy rises from time to time like everyone else.

    This is a deeply personal “cap”, I sense. I hope that your many fans feel the same privilege that I do in you sharing it. I love it!

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