Chola Cam

After a long and dark winter, here I am!

Yea, I was experimenting with using an online editor to make captions without being locked to my old laptop… but turns out it isn’t either very practical nor very advantageous anyway. That’s the final result.

It’s a funny cap, I hope. :3

1 Response to “Chola Cam”

  1. August 30, 2012 at 19:24

    Oh Yeah! Leila is back and ….well I missed you! Damn! I forgot I had a WordPress account! LOL! That is how boring Helen Boyd is…not to mention her uh….never mind. I know..I should have written but you are young and pretty and don’t need some old “Auntie” intruding.

    Oh, yep…my thoughts….this caption was very cute, so innocent and so like you…and who would not love those lips? 🙂

    So nice to know that you are back,

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