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Wonderful Blogs: Elena Starz (+ Bimbo 101: Brenda)

Hello, hello, dear sissy lovers! Here’s me again telling you about a caption blog that I follow closely! And today it’s time for bimbos, altering minds and pink! Lots, and LOTS, of PINK!

Elena Starz TG Stories and Captions is a place where men become horny bimbos by many many means. If you already clicked on the link you’ll notice its biggest flaw and its biggest quality: The glaring glittering pinkness! Which is something you know I love oh so much and goes so well with men being manipulated into becoming sex-centered airheaded beauties… but might actually hurt your eyes. So I might be late now but I’m very sorry. I hope you don’t need glasses now. 😛

No kidding, though, I like Elena’s themes. And I actually confused this blog with another one I love very much, but I’ll talk about that later! 😉 Point is, it might be a good idea to enjoy the blog via RSS, read the awesome caps and go in there just for time to time to leave comments. It’s precious!

And now we have a series of caps called “Re-Education 101: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo” which is, yes, going to feature 101 captions. And is accepting guest entries. Tee-hee!

Well, this is my take. Hope you enjoy! 😀


You Gotta Have Pink Hair

I think I might be trying to postpone the making of new captions by just posting everything I have in my hard drive, hehehehe… 😛

Anyway! Pink is, like, the color of everything girly! And there’s no better way of making it clear who is the sissy in the pic by making him PINK. In all caps. Because, like, that’s a lot of pink!

And there’s something about pink hair that makes it all more delicious. Pink is an obviously unnatural color for hair, so it just stands up! Sissy bois are commonly given wigs or an extensively laborious hairdo! So, the pink-haired pretty in the pic? She’s a boi, darling. At least for this funny little cap! ;D

Well, hope you liked these old-old caps on the color pink. Of course my caps will still feature lots of “teh PINKness”. So consider this just a quick sample! 😉


The Bridal Revenge

One of these days I’ll have to reorganize the categories in this blog. Thinking of keeping everything to do with the Cube in a place, and the rest all thematically sorted.

Also, one of these days I’ll have to start making new caps instead of just reposting some old ones I had lying around. 😀

And since we’re talking of old, this is one of my very first captions. The picture is lifted from the rather old Verena’s TG Club, under the authroship of “Celine Pettijean”. Everything there was German, so I had a HARD time reading them caps. 😛

All in all, I’m a tad sad that Verena’s never got translated and stopped updating altogether. Also, never ever fond anything by “Celine Pettijean” anywhere else. Weird. 😐