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In retrospect, this caption looks like something out of Auntie Gwen’s site. Hope she likes it! ^w^


Candy Lips

Sometimes I just like pictures of bizarre anatomy, as they make rather interesting narratives of extreme body mod.

But… I’m really worried if this is actually real. O_O


Rosaleen Young in: Accept The Gag

I don’t really know the name of most models that appear in my captions. That is, when they ARE models at all, and not just random photos grabbed from Google Image Search…

And then there’s this cutie face, Rosaleen Young. When I first saw that adorable childlike face with pouty lips in full bondage in a caption I think I somewhat fell in love. Then I had to find out who she was and what was my surprise to know that the internet is shock-full of pictures of this amazingly sexy cuteness?

Well, here’s one of probably many captions featuring this honey, one of the very few models I actually know the name of.

(And in case you want to know, other models I actually know the name of include Senna Matsuda — best known for a certain “Baby Doll” series –, Tiger Juggs and Summer Cummings).


What a Darling

I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep writing new and unique introductions for every post… 😛 I guess sometimes I’ll just post the caption anyway.


The Bridal Revenge

One of these days I’ll have to reorganize the categories in this blog. Thinking of keeping everything to do with the Cube in a place, and the rest all thematically sorted.

Also, one of these days I’ll have to start making new caps instead of just reposting some old ones I had lying around. 😀

And since we’re talking of old, this is one of my very first captions. The picture is lifted from the rather old Verena’s TG Club, under the authroship of “Celine Pettijean”. Everything there was German, so I had a HARD time reading them caps. 😛

All in all, I’m a tad sad that Verena’s never got translated and stopped updating altogether. Also, never ever fond anything by “Celine Pettijean” anywhere else. Weird. 😐


Doll Caps

…is there anyone still there? Hello?

Oh, well, I hope so. I did some captions. I just… didn’t like them very much. 😐

The initial idea came to me when, in a moment of incredible silliness, I was applying silly make-up to other pictures.

Like this, basically...

And then this crazy idea came up. The premise is that there’s this weird disease around that turns men into women, and for some reason make them controllable through keywords, like as if their brains were rewritten to a post-hypnosis state. It was called “The Doll Syndrome” because of the silly permanent make-up that was one of the symptoms(I think at one point I decided to not make it natural, instead a mark that was done on the infected to differentiate them from people). Then some sort of timeline was forming.

…Then I just realized I had no idea where this was going, and my pacing was horrible. I think I try to flesh it so much in every cap that it loses appeal. But, anyway, I did 4 of them and, if you wish, you can read them and tell me what you think.

More captions might come up soon. I really want to do them, it’s just that I never seem to get started on them… sigh…