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Wonderful Blogs: Degraded Damsels

Today we’re looking at a different blog than usual. Because this time the captions are not TG. Tee-hee!

Degraded Damsels is a blog that I love for featuring captions dealing with a subject I love much but is rarely featured, which is humiliation towards the usual perpetrators in these fantasy captions: women. Which is something I did before with some of my caps tagged Women. B-Rex works exclusively with that, and it’s awesome!

The caps here are actually really word-heavy, working basically like illustrated short stories. Which, again, are awesome. And feature botched surgeries, fantastic drugs, lewd tattoos and all sorts of unpleasant consequences that are deserved or not. Either way, it’s actually exciting!

That’s it, mostly. If you like stories of sexy humiliation, check out Degraded Damsels. And hope you’ll enjoy my little… erm, actually pretty long homage caption! ^^;



Wonderful Blogs: Elena Starz (+ Bimbo 101: Brenda)

Hello, hello, dear sissy lovers! Here’s me again telling you about a caption blog that I follow closely! And today it’s time for bimbos, altering minds and pink! Lots, and LOTS, of PINK!

Elena Starz TG Stories and Captions is a place where men become horny bimbos by many many means. If you already clicked on the link you’ll notice its biggest flaw and its biggest quality: The glaring glittering pinkness! Which is something you know I love oh so much and goes so well with men being manipulated into becoming sex-centered airheaded beauties… but might actually hurt your eyes. So I might be late now but I’m very sorry. I hope you don’t need glasses now. 😛

No kidding, though, I like Elena’s themes. And I actually confused this blog with another one I love very much, but I’ll talk about that later! 😉 Point is, it might be a good idea to enjoy the blog via RSS, read the awesome caps and go in there just for time to time to leave comments. It’s precious!

And now we have a series of caps called “Re-Education 101: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo” which is, yes, going to feature 101 captions. And is accepting guest entries. Tee-hee!

Well, this is my take. Hope you enjoy! 😀


Sissy Couple

I’m not sure if I’m doing these caps like this — not much of a story, more like an introduction to this ‘verse — intentionally or not. In the end, I think my current modus operandi is to just write them before I get distracted and forget to complete them. Or post them.

Yea, I’m sorry, I’m trying to get back to it. =/




Hardwired Barbie

…I know the title is really weird, but you try and come up with a Barbie and/or doll pun that hasn’t been used to death! X(


Secret Baby, Part 3

Because every story has more than two sides. 😉

Part 1
Part 2


Secret Baby, Part 2

Contrasting with Part 1’s mean and cruel girlfriend, Part 2 introduces to us…

Part 1
Part 3