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Movin’ Out, Ladies and Sissies!

Sorry, but this announcement won’t have any captions tied to it. I’m just going to say… I do suck at keeping this blog, eh? No, no, no need to humor me. I’m serious, I’m not managing this well. It’s not much that I don’t have the drive, but I guess it is… maybe too much for my premise. Captions and all. That’s why I’m moving to tumblr! 😀

So, yes, I’ll soon put a link here to whatever is my tumblr’s name(probably The TG Hypercube or something :P) and there I’ll hopefully be a lot quicker and I’ll let you guys ask me stuff and I’ll also repost these captions I’ve posted here because, hey, why not right? And I’ll try to categorize stuff properly, or at least in a way that forms neat collections. 😀

So that’s it, honeys. Soon enough, The TG Cube is on the move! Huzzah!


Deal With The She-Devil



Okay, guess who hasn’t been doing captions for a long time again? Let me give you a hint: it rhymes with “Lazy Shmeila”.

So I want someone to be my “caption coach”. It pretty much works like this: once in a while(say, once a day?) you’re going to give me a nudge and say “hey, shouldn’t you be doing a caption?” The naggier the better, really!

I just sort of need someone who pushes me around and tells me that I haven’t been doing captions and I should be doing them because, really, why have a caption blog if I’m not gonna do captions?

So… volunteers? ^^;


Oh, So Meta!

I think I have no idea what to do with a caption site… ^^;

I mean… ideas I do have, but most of my captions are made for people. What do I do in a caption site? Just random caps? Series? Should I start asking you people to suggest ideas or images?

I really don’t know… but I know I shouldn’t let this thing here stop. Or else… back to the limbo it is! D: